I have now been to Denver twice, so I thought I’d document my most recent weekend there.

Denver’s airport is so far from the city, but I hear that a train running from downtown is in the works. Though we hit Friday rush hour traffic, we still made it for some of Lala’s 3:00-6:00 happy hour. We indulged in many appetizers (mostly various cheeses) and glasses of wine. Glasses of wine were only $5 during happy hour and many foods were discounted. I love traveling on a budget. We were lucky enough to stay for free at one of my friend’s apartment. Though I slept on a loveseat the entire weekend, it beats paying for a hotel.

Saturday was a beautiful 64 degrees F, so we decided to go on a hike. We grabbed delicious biscuits from Rise & Shine and ate them on the road. We chose a hike in Eldorado Canyon State Park. It was an $8 entrance fee, but there was a lot of stuff to do. Though it was warm out, it was still February and paths were covered with snow & ice. We had to be very careful as we maneuvered along the trails. I saw many people rock climbing, and I was so jealous! I definitely need to go back and do that! After an exhausting hike, we headed to Joyride Brewery. Though their beer is delicious, the best thing about this place is that dogs are allowed. This indoor-outdoor brewery is filled with adorable pups & happy patrons. They are also opening a rooftop deck this summer!

After a busy Saturday, we decided that Sunday was going to be filled with relaxation. We started the morning at Crema. We filled our souls with lattes & breakfast burritos. Denver has so many vegetarian options, it makes my heart sing. We then watched many episodes of The Great British Baking Show and cooked a lavish dinner. We spent the day prepping for an amazing Burrito Bowl Buffet for dinner. We made lime cilantro rice, spicy beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, sautéed peppers & onions, chicken and beef (for the meat lovers) and a cheesecake and key lime pie for dessert! We then ate our body weight in Mexican food and enjoyed each others’ company. Food & friends: the perfect pair.

Monday morning, we stopped at Jelly Cafe for breakfast before heading to the airport. I ate a delicious vegetarian eggs benedict and grabbed many little donut bites. I then headed back to the airport & back to real life.