Whole 30 Week 2

I have officially been eating Whole 30 compliant for 2 full weeks & let me tell you IT SUCKS! Supposedly the cravings for junk food are supposed to subside, but they’re still here & raging. I miss pizza. I miss tacos. I miss pad thai. I miss ice cream. The worst part is, I don’t feel or see any difference. I thought I was supposed to gain this amazing energy or have beautifully clear skin. Welp none of that has happened. I feel exactly the same as before I started, but just more sad because I miss real food. Two good things have come out of this experience though: my boyfriend is finally convinced that I’m a stellar cook, and it’s made our relationship stronger by doing this together. Btw we are already counting down the days until pizza. 

Whole 30 Week 1

I have officially finished one week of whole 30! And boy, this was a tough week. I haven’t been hungry. I haven’t been exhausted. And I haven’t gotten headaches, but I really really really miss my old food. I don’t know if this week was particularly hard because of Easter & a girl’s night out, but I was so sad watching others eat whatever they wanted. The smell of pizza almost brought me to tears and I swear I actually drooled at a chocolate chip cookie. I almost cried grocery shopping this week, looking at all the food I couldn’t have. Though I’m basically an emotional Whole 30 mess, physically I feel fine. I haven’t experienced any unusual exhaustion or hunger. And I haven’t had a sugar withdrawal headache yet. Though I’m feeling okay, I feel basically the same as I did before starting Whole 30. I know that this is a 30 day program, and not a 7 day program so I’m going to keep on trucking through the next 3 weeks. I will be posting a food diary of my Whole 30 Pescatarian meals on my Instagram: @flourishingmel. So if you don’t follow me there yet, head on over to my page. 

Whole 30

Tomorrow my boyfriend and I are beginning the Whole 30 program. We have done our research by reading It Starts With Food and the Whole 30 book. We have also scoured their website for rules, tips, recipes, and shopping lists. We completed our grocery haul yesterday & are spending the day prepping food. Any tips or recommendations for us as we begin this program? Help would be much appreciated!