I have officially begun my journey to buy a home. I had been contemplating this idea for awhile now, but I was always waiting for “the right time.” Well as I have most recently discovered, there is never a perfect time to do anything. So I stopped waiting around and got started. I trolled online sites, looking for possible contenders. I was determined to find a quaint home in my town that was in need of some serious renovations. I love designing and decorating, and I wanted to make a place my very own. In true spontaneous Mel fashion, I fell in love with the first house that I saw. It was cozy, with high ceilings, a kitchen dying for updates, and a bay window looking out to the yard. On the other hand, it was absolutely disgusting which is exactly what I wanted. My dad told me that I wouldn’t buy a wedding dress after only trying one on (though I totally would), so we went to look at another house. Though the other house was larger and on more land, I still missed that little yellow house. Once i get my mind set on something, there is no convincing me otherwise. So I put in an offer. Now I’m playing the waiting game. Stay tuned! -03/28/2016

The sellers accepted my offer after only one counter offer. Everything was going so smoothly! I knew I couldn’t be that lucky. In the middle of purchasing the house, it went into foreclosure. So the contract I signed with the sellers was now null and void. I now needed to renegotiate with the bank that bought it. Luckily, the bank still accepted my price and offer, and it only delayed my closing by two weeks. Right before my closing, my realtor and I did a walkthrough of the house to make sure everything looked good. IT DIDN’T! When the current residents got foreclosed on, they left all of their stuff in the house. It was a disaster! I am so thankful that the bank took pity on me and offered to pay for 1-800-Junk-Relief to move everything out. I am now waiting to get the place cleared out, so I can begin renovations. -05/30/2016

I have been living in my house for three weeks now, and I couldn’t be more in love with the way things have turned out! All the renovations are completed and decorations are hung! If you don’t think you can do a renovation, you’re wrong! As a single, 25 year old teacher, I completed an entire house renovation in two months! -08/01/2016


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