A lot of women are scared of lifting because they think it will automatically make them look like a huge bodybuilder. These like that don’t happen overnight. I have been lifting for over a year, and I definitely do not look like a bodybuilder. From my personal experience, lifting has made my body look more toned and increased strength. This is what a year of lifting looks like on my body.

Okay, so I’ve convinced you to start lifting. What’s next? I know that I was initially scared to go over to the weight area in my gym. I didn’t know how to work the machines or what moves to do with the weights. More than anything, I was worried that I would embarrass myself in front of everyone. If you want to begin lifting, but have no idea what you’re doing (like I did), here are some recommendations:

  1. Take a weights based class at your gym. Some gyms have bootcamp, barbell strength, or strength training classes. These classes can introduce you to some basic moves and give you an idea of how heavy you can lift.
  2. Go on YouTube. We are so lucky to live in an era where we have the internet. If I don’t know how to do something, I look it up on YouTube. Changing a taillight, making cinnamon rolls, using that weird leg machine at the gym, I YouTube it all! Heidi Somers is my favorite YouTuber when it comes to fitness. She has a ton of videos and shows examples of how to perform different exercises.
  3. Ask a personal trainer! At my gym, there are personal trainers walking around everywhere. I know this, because they are all wearing jackets that say “Personal Trainer.” If you don’t know how to work or adjust a machine, then ask them. It’s much less embarrassing to ask for help, then having someone rescue you from a machine you’re trapped under.
  4. Okay so now you know what “moves” you want to try at the gym; it’s time to implement them. I like to find an odd time to try out new machines or new workout moves. That way, if I ultimately fail there are fewer people watching me. Down times at my gym are early mornings and late at night. You can find me at the gym at 8 p.m. on a Saturday night trying a weighted donkey kick on a Smith machine.

I love lifting so much. It is a huge stress reliever, and I enjoy seeing my body change. I hope this post convinces all women to at least try lifting. If you attempt it after reading this, please leave me a comment. It makes me so happy knowing that I can help others.

7 thoughts on “Lifting

  1. hmillerfit says:

    I learned many of the basics of lifting from YouTube and also They’re both great resources. is especially great for following a beginners workout plan.


  2. Caitlin says:

    I know you do BBG and weight lifting and I personally love weight lifting. It has really helped me to tone up my body. But I am at a standstill lately and not making as much progress as I would like so I am considering using BBG as well. I was just wondering how often during the week you weight lift in conjunction with BBG? Your body is amazing and I would love to achieve similar result!!


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