Whole 30 Review

Here is my honest and true review of Whole 30. This is not only a testament to my experience but my boyfriend’s as well. To sum it up in one sentence: thank God it’s over! 

Did your cravings stop?

No. Every day I missed pizza & ice cream. I would sometimes tear up when I walked down the grocery aisles and saw all the food that I couldn’t eat. Not eating the food I wanted made me crave it only more. I swear I could smell a cookie from across the room.

Did you lose weight?

I did not lose any weight or body fat. My measurements were exactly the same as when I started. Rob lost 20 pounds (wooo go Rob!) His face looks so much thinner & he has noticeably shrinked in size. 

Did your skin clear up?

No. Not at all.

Did you feel more energized?

No. We felt constantly sluggish. As soon as we got home from work, we had no energy to do anything. 

Did you feel healthier? 

Not really. We didn’t have any health problems before starting, so nothing could have been “cured” by this diet change, but we didn’t feel that amazing awesome feeling of health that so many Whole 30 participants rave about. 

Were you hungry all the time?

I felt full most of the time, but Rob was always hungry & crabby for his next meal.

What benefits did you see from doing Whole 30?

Rob was so excited about his weight loss. Doing the Whole 30 also brought us closer together as a couple. We were always cooking together & doing dishes (SO MANY DISHES) together. It was a shared, horrible experience that we went through together, and it made our relationship stronger. 

Have you reintroduced food back? How do you feel?

We have reintroduced all food groups back into our diet, and we feel amazing. We have so much energy, our moods have improved immensely, and we are just so happy to be eating our favorite foods again. We feel way healthier & better now than we ever did on Whole 30. 

Will you ever do it again?


Would you recommend Whole 30 to anyone?

Despite our review, yes we would. This program might be good for you if you have some serious health or medical issues that you haven’t found a solution for yet. Make sure to ask your doctor first. If you are just a regular, semi-healthy person like us, we would never recommend it to anyone. Run away from this program. Fast. Preferably to the nearest pizza joint. Unless you like to put yourself through a month of torture. 

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