Whole 30 Week 2

I have officially been eating Whole 30 compliant for 2 full weeks & let me tell you IT SUCKS! Supposedly the cravings for junk food are supposed to subside, but they’re still here & raging. I miss pizza. I miss tacos. I miss pad thai. I miss ice cream. The worst part is, I don’t feel or see any difference. I thought I was supposed to gain this amazing energy or have beautifully clear skin. Welp none of that has happened. I feel exactly the same as before I started, but just more sad because I miss real food. Two good things have come out of this experience though: my boyfriend is finally convinced that I’m a stellar cook, and it’s made our relationship stronger by doing this together. Btw we are already counting down the days until pizza. 

3 thoughts on “Whole 30 Week 2

  1. SimpleLivingOver50 says:

    Eating of the Earth should be an enjoyable experience but I suppose that all it all comes down to what our bodies were taught to eat. I just passed week three and I have showed great progress and that’s what keeps me hanging on. Between eating just those foods that our ancestors ate and a healthy exercise program I have found that my blood sugar has come into normal range. I hope you soon find success to mask all of those cravings for fake food.


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