The Start of My Garage Sale Finds

Last weekend I picked up three old pieces from a church garage sale. I am in the process of flipping them into refurbished furniture. Here is my first flip! I got this side drawer for only $20! I painted it a slate gray and now just need to add some hardware. The 103 year old hardwoods in my home are getting refinished next week, so I’ll finally be able to move furniture into my place! I can’t wait to show you all more pics.



Okay, demo day has really been demo week and I’m not completely done yet. Before I even got started on the demolition, I needed to get all of the previous owner’s junk out of my house. 1-800-Junk-Relief did an amazing job removing things! It cost me a pretty penny, $1,395, but thankfully the bank covered the cost. Once the place was empty, I started tearing everything up. Below are pictures with descriptions of all the work I’ve done so far. I can’t wait to put this place back together!

Live House Tour

I’ve been busy working on my house the past week! A lot of demo has been done and remodeling is about to start! I just posted a full tour of my house on my snapchat: Flourishing Mel. Snapstories only stay around for 24 hours, so go check it out now!