My Disgusting House


I just bought my very first house! Most people would be saying woohoo, but I’m saying ew. My new house is basically the “before” on Flip or Flop. It reminds me of that Fixer Upper episode where they renovated Pawpaws house, and the possum was living under the bed. Not a pretty picture! Let me backtrack a moment to tell you all why I bought this gross residence and how it fell into my hands.

Previously, I rented in the city of Chicago for two years, and like most cities, rent was outrageous. I decided that buying a place of my own would be a better investment. Being a single woman and only 25 years old, I knew that I didn’t have a huge budget. I definitely wanted a house and not a townhome or condo, so I knew that I was going to have to look at fixer uppers. This was the first house I saw, and I fell in love (as much as you can with a dilapidated home). The layout was perfect, it was just the right size, only a 20 minute drive to work, close to my family, and $40,000 under my budget! I went to see one more house for good measure, but ended up putting an offer on this house within 3 days of first seeing it.

They accepted my offer after only one counter offer. Everything was going so smoothly! I knew I couldn’t be that lucky. In the middle of purchasing the house, it went into foreclosure. So the contract I signed with the sellers was now null and void. I now needed to renegotiate with the bank that bought it. Luckily, the bank still accepted my price and offer, and it only delayed my closing by two weeks.

Right before my closing, my realtor and I did a walkthrough of the house to make sure everything looked good. IT DIDN’T! When the current residents got foreclosed on, they left all of their stuff in the house. It was a disaster! I am so thankful that the bank took pity on me and offered to pay for 1-800-Junk-Relief to move everything out.

Here are the BEFORE pictures of the place. I have so many renovations planned! The first things on the list are remodeling that crumbling bathroom and removing the urine & smoked stained carpets to refinish the hardwoods. I give Chip and Joanna Gaines a lot of credit. This is tough work. I will keep you all updated throughout my home’s journey. One day it won’t be disgusting anymore.

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