How I got $665 Worth of Clothes for $195

Being a teacher, I have the expectation to dress nice for work every day but don’t have the salary to afford it. Pinching pennies is enough to deal with, but being much smaller than the average adult makes finding clothes even more difficult. I used to resort to shopping in the children’s section, until I came into work one day wearing same top as a 10 year old. Talk about embarrassing. In addition to my sad work wardrobe, I’m attending 3 weddings this summer and a child’s dress from Target just wouldn’t fly. So, I set on a mission to find some proper grown up clothes for my tiny, frugal self.

I headed to the nearest outlet mall because they always have name brand clothes at a discounted price. I started at J Crew because they have a well stocked petite section. I picked out 3 dress for the upcoming weddings. The original total was $306. J Crew was running a sale for 40% off on all dresses and 15% off all petite clothing. This combined with a 15% teacher discount brought my total price to $138. That is a savings of $168!

Next I headed to Joe’s which carries designer denim. I wear a size 23 or 00 petite which most brands don’t carry. I’ve been searching for a pair of white jeans for about 3 years and never found any that fit. A fellow teacher recommended Joe’s to me because of the small sizes that they offer. Their price are steep at $169 a pair! I was determined to find a deal though. I told one of the workers that I was looking for any style of white jean in a size 23. He found me a pair that cost $99, but I told them that I just couldn’t afford to spend that much on denim that I could only wear from May-August. He told me that he’d look in the back for any of last season’s items. He came out with a perfect fitting pair of bootcut white jeans. They may not be the skinny ankle ones that I originally wanted, but they we only $27! That is a savings of $142 and a bright smile across my face.

Finally, I headed to Banana Republic to grab some tops for work. They were having a 50% off sale of everything in store. I grabbed 4 tops that would have originally cost me $190. Not only did I get 50% off, but all 4 of those items were also on clearance. With the addition of my 10% teacher discount, my total was $30. That is a savings of $160!

I had an amazing day of bargain hunting! Without all of the sales, my total bill would have been $665. After all the sales and discounts were applied, I got 3 J Crew dresses, a pair of Joe’s white jeans, and 4 Banana Republic tops for $195. That is a total savings of $470!

Here are my top tips for finding quality clothes at a fraction of their original price.

  1. Find an outlet or factory store near you.
  2. Research sales.
  3. Ask if they have anything for cheaper in the back.
  4. Inquire about discounts.


One thought on “How I got $665 Worth of Clothes for $195

  1. Kris says:

    I am a teacher, and I don’t like to dress nice for work every day. Never could understand how anyone can clump around in heels and a skirt in my profession. And you should try being larger AND taller than the average adult. But awesome on the deal you found!


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