Self Tanner

Being a natural blonde, I also have very fair skin. If I’m in the sun, I always wear SPF 30, and I never go in tanning beds. That being said, I still love a healthy tan glow. I keep a tan year round by using self tanner. There are many great self tanners out there but most are pricey or come out streaky. After years of hunting down a great product, I finally found one! I have been using St. Moriz self tanner for about 8 months now. I get it for $12.99 at Ulta, and one bottle lasts me about 4 months. I apply the self tanner using a tanning mitt. I simply pump the foam onto the mitt and then apply it evenly. The self tanner will last for about 1-3 days depending on how often you shower, sweat, swim, etc. I use the medium shade, and it always looks natural.


2 thoughts on “Self Tanner

  1. isabodyandrea says:

    Hi Mel – I too have extremely fair skin, and not wanting to drop dead of ckin cancer, I have tried some self tanning lotions. They always look natural on me, but consistently, there is a stink associated with the lotions that always lingers for days after application. I don’t want to smell like an old dishrag. How does the St Moritz one do in that regard?


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