Liebster Award


I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Healthy and Psyched and Chilli Bitten 28 ! Being new to blogging, I had no idea what this meant. So for you fellow newbies, it’s a way for bloggers to learn more about other bloggers. Basically a blogger asks you a series of questions, you answer, and then you nominate other bloggers to answer questions.

I wanted to give these two a huge thank you! I am so excited that people are reading my blog and interested in my content. Without further ado, here are my responses to their questions

Questions from Healthy and Psyched

1. How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging for a little over two months. This blog is definitely still in its newborn stage.
2. Which post are you most proud of and why?

I am most proud of my workout video posts. I have had many women approach me telling me that they went to the gym and tried out my exercises. I love teaching women that lifting is a great way to build strength.
3. Who would you like to interview for your blog?

I would love to interview Heidi Somers. She is my personal fitness role model. Not only is she strong, she is such a kind and driven person.


4. What’s your favourite fruit or vegetable?

I love fruit! All fruit! I am not a huge vegetable fan though. I need to be better about eating my veggies.
5. Do you use superfood powders? If you do, what’s your favourite?

No, I need to look into that though! Send me your suggestions!
6. What’s your favourite treat food?


Okay, I love all food.

7. How do you keep active?

I keep active by lifting. I am currently lifting 6 days a week with little to no cardio. Right now, this is my favorite way to work out. Do what you love best, though. Exercising shouldn’t be punishment.
8. What do you do in your spare time?

I don’t have spare time! Hahaha it’s sad but true. I work a full time job, hit the gym almost every day, blog, run numerous social media accounts, am currently buying/renovating a house, and constantly traveling. I wouldn’t live my life any other way. We only have so much time on this earth, I want to experience everything.
9.If you could go on a tv show which would it be?

I know this show ended, but I absolutely loved Parenthood. If I could go back in time, I would definitely want to be on that show.

Bonus round-
10. Show me a selfie! (If you’re too shy you can post a picture of your pet instead).


I know this isn’t exactly a selfie, but I just got home from Northern California and have been editing pictures all night. I can’t wait to share them with you all!


Questions from Chilli Bitten 28

  1. Which do you prefer tea or coffee?

    Coffee! But I drink both.

  2. What is your favourite colour?

    Yellow! I have a yellow bike & a yellow house!

  3. Favourite reality show?

    I don’t watch much tv.

  4. Are you right handed or left handed?


  5. What is your favourite cake?

    All of them! I have such a big sweet tooth.

  6. How do you like your eggs?

    Egg whites on smashed avocado toast is my go-to egg dish.

  7. What’s on your bedside table?

    My kindle, a candle, and flowers.

  8. Which season of the year do you prefer?


  9. What is the one song that you love to sing at the top of your lungs when you hear it come on the radio?

    Anything by Justin Bieber. No shame in my Bieliber game.

  10. What is your  hobby?

    I love working out!

    I hope you loved learning more about me! Here are some blogs that I nominate for the Liebster Award and questions for you to answer!

    Why did you begin blogging?
    What is one word that you would use to describe yourself?
    What is your favorite place that you’ve ever traveled to?
    How do you relax?
    What are you most proud of in life?
    Who is your favorite musician/band?
    What hobbies do you enjoy?
    Who is your biggest inspiration?
    What is a book that you would recommend to others?
    If you had to go on vacation and only bring a backpack, what essentials would you bring?

    A Piglet Abroad

    Passports and Pigtails

    Baby to Bikini

    Tiny Kelsie

    Fat Girl to Fit Girl



11 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Healthy and Psyched says:

    Yay, great post 🙂 It’s lovely to know more about you.
    You should be proud of the videos. I watched them and I love them. Will have to give a few more of the booty moves a go!!
    Also I love acai berry powder as a superfood. It’s so yummy in smoothies and has loads of antioxidants!!


  2. Baby to Bikini says:

    Congrats on the nomination Mel! I love reading your blog and just had some time to catchup! I certainly love your videos too and can’t wait to see your post about your trip to CA! Your pics on IG are absolutely breathe taking! 😍
    Also, thank you so much for nominating me as well! You are so sweet and it means a lot to me! So glad we are part of the #girlspotribe. 😊💕


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