The Booty Obsession


Two days ago I posted a transformation picture on Instagram. Like most of my feed, it was documenting the changes my body has made through working out. Unlike a majority of the pictures I post, this one exploded with feedback! I got almost 50 comments in one day! They consisted of “What have you been doing? You look fantastic!!!!” and “Omg please post your routine! You look bangin *triple flame emoji*” I’ve already posted one booty workout video on my blog, but the demands seemed high enough to do another. So here you have another full vlog of exercises I have done to build my booty.

I give major credit to anyone who is a professional vlogger. This is way harder than it looks. First of all, everyone stares at you in the gym when you’re trying to set up your camera at the right angle and failing multiple times. Secondly, the vocals for this were recorded in my pitch black bathroom because the fan light made too much noise but so does everyone else in my house. Also, how do you time your commentary with the actual video?! SO HARD! Honestly, vlogging is ten times more difficult than any of these workouts.

Now you have all of my “grow a booty” secrets! Between the two videos and the information on this blog, you have my lifting exercises and a detailed description of the BBG program that I do. The rest is up to you!

9 thoughts on “The Booty Obsession

  1. sheluxefit says:

    Great Post! We are the generation who are all vying for that kardashian booty after all! It’s so refreshing to see women to embrace curves and want to build a bigger booty than chase for something ridiculous as a ‘thigh gap’ Thanks for sharing the video! Will definitely be implementing the lunges in my routine!


  2. Mackenzie says:

    I don’t think my gym has feet straps for the cable machine 😭 I’ll have to see if there’s any other way to do those exercises!!


    • flourishing mel says:

      If you have a cable machine, sometimes they have ones that velcro around your ankle. If not, you can actually buy them and just bring them to the gym. Scope out the equipment and see what you need.


  3. Melody says:

    My butt has changed a lot lately as well mostly because of doing these types of squats and tons of stair climbing. It’s not necessarily bigger, but sticks out more.


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