When I first heard about Soulcycle I completely wrote it off.  I was convinced that cycling was just the bike version of a treadmill, with the addition of the world’s most uncomfortable seat. Everyone on Instagram was going crazy about it though, so I figured I’d put my previous thoughts aside and give it a try.

I headed into my first class very skeptical and convinced that the only thing I was going to get out of it was a sore butt. As I opened up the door to Soulcycle, I was greeted by a crisp, clean ambiance. Everything inside was immaculately white with hints of bright yellow (Soulcycle’s signature color). In true city fashion, the place was tiny but packed with people. The front desk hooked me up with a pair of cycling shoes that actually clip into the bike. Picture black bowling shoes with even more velcro. As I wobbled towards the studio, I was impressed by all of the amenities that Soulcycle offered: showers, toiletries, self managed combination lockers, phone chargers, the list goes on. Soulcycle was so aesthetically pleasing that I knew this wasn’t going to be like the cycling classes I took in previous grimy gyms.

I entered the dark studio, only lit by four candles which were set on a small stage located in the front. A women helped me set up my bike, twisting and turning knobs to fit it specifically to me. I clipped in and slowly pedaled as everyone else filed in. The instructor took the stage and I was mesmerized from that point on.

As soon as the class began, I was no longer riding a stationary bike. I was transported to another place. Picture this: you are at this amazing club and your favorite some comes on. You and your friends are dancing and you are so high on life that you can’t help but smile. THAT IS SOULCYCLE. Soulcycle is more of a feeling than a way to workout. The energy in the room was contagious. The instructor DJ’ed the best songs while performing choreographed moves on the bike. The lights were in sync with the music and everyone in the room pulsed to the same beat. Words cannot describe how alive I felt at that very moment.

After that first class, I knew that I’d be coming back. And I did! I got the opportunity to Soulcycle (yes, I use it as a verb too) last night with my BBG girls. It was even more amazing than my first time!  Being surrounded by great friends while in that atmosphere was indescribable. I would recommend Soulcycle to anyone! If it’s your first time, they have a discounted rate so check it out!

*  BBG is a workout program & community of amazing people! If you want to learn more about it, check out the BBG page under my Fitness Tab.

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