At Home Waxing

Okay here’s a TMI post, so if you don’t want to read about my leg hair STOP HERE.


So for you that do want to read about my leg hair, here’s the scoop. I HATE shaving. I’m a very low maintenance, roll out of bed in the morning kind of girl. That being said, I still like feeling feminine. So though I hate shaving, I don’t like leg hair. I’ve spent many months researching on the most effective way to solve this problem.

Laser hair removal seems like the easiest way to get rid of leg hair for good. Though it’s efficient, there are some negatives about it: it’s costly, it isn’t proven permanent hair removal, and it doesn’t work on blonde hair. Well damn. There goes that option. Not only is my hair blonde, it’s superduper blonde. Laser hair removal works by attacking the melanin in your hair. The melanin is what gives your hair color. If your hair is blonde, like mine, the lasers won’t find a color to attack.

Electrolysis is proven permanent hair removal and isn’t as expensive as laser treatments, but it’s not made for large areas of hair removal. Electrolysis focuses on each hair follicle at a time, so I’d probably still be trying to get rid of my leg hair when I was 90.

So that leads me to waxing. Though it’s not permanent, it can take up to two months for hair to grow back. It can also help reduce hair growth. Getting your legs waxed at a salon is expensive, and I’m the most frugal person I know. So a trip to Ulta and $10 later, I was ready to wax my legs at home.

I purchased Sally Hansen Ouch Relief Wax Strip Kit. It cost $9.99 and came with 4 Pain-Relief Technology Pre-Wax Wipes, 32 XL 2 sided wax strips, and an Azulene Finishing Oil. I ripped open a pain-relief wipe and wiped down my legs. Per the directions, I waited 10 minutes to wax. While I waited for the pain relief to work, I decided to “warm up” the wax strips. The directions said to just rub them in your hands. I don’t know about you, but my hands could not create enough friction to melt two strips of wax. Therefore, I got creative. The crafty Bohemian in me turned my vent into a wax melting station. (You could have probably popped them in the microwave as well). Once the wax was warm to the touch, I peeled them apart and pressed them on my legs in the direction of my hair growth. I put a bunch on and then re-filled my wax melting station. I then quickly ripped them off (think of a bandaid). Even with the pain relief wipes, it was still pretty painful. Though the box claims 100% hair removal, the strips left a lot of hair behind. I had to go over each area at least twice. I used all 32 strips to wax my legs. My legs were covered in bright red bumps and lots of sticky wax at the end of it all. I showered, scrubbed off the wax, and covered my legs in SE Johnson baby oil. By the next morning, all of the bumps had gone away. I didn’t use the Azulene Finishing Oil that came in the box.

Though this waxing kit wasn’t perfect, it was only $9.99 and mess free. Fingers crossed that this keeps my leg hair away for 8 weeks! Thanks for staying tuned to my crazy, weird, probably too personal stories.

2 thoughts on “At Home Waxing

  1. Baby to Bikini says:

    I can’t wait to hear how this goes! I’ve never tried the strips before. I did try waxing one time before by purchasing my own wax station for $20 in college. Let’s just say I tossed it all after ripping a chunk of skin off my leg! Haha


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