Please Grow Little Tiny Abs!

The above phrase is probably something that I’ve repeated to myself every day for the past year. On Instagram, I like more pictures of women’s abs, than I do pictures of my own family members. The weird part is, I know that I’m not alone.

Every time I talk to a woman who’s into fitness, her number one goal is abs. What is all of our recent obsession with getting a six pack? Here is my theory: women want what they can’t have (or something that’s really hard to get).

Why do abs seem to grow overnight for men and women have to slave away at the gym for months to get a little definition? According to, “a woman needs a higher level of body fat just to function properly, so her body will fight her harder as she aims to get down to the lower levels required to see six-pack abs.” GREAT! I’m spending all this time at the gym, and my body is actually fighting me on my ab journey. After I’ll I’ve done for you, body! Ugh!

If you’re like me, a little challenge never deters you. So, I’m not giving up on my ab dream and neither should you! I’ve put together an ab routine that seriously had my abs burning and made it painful to sneeze the next day. Sore abs are my favorite.

All that being said, my fitness journey isn’t about obtaining perfect abs. I actually don’t even have an end goal. I like working out because it makes me feel better about myself and gives me strength. I don’t work out because I hate my body, but because I love it. I will always continue to work on improving myself (and you should too).

*To learn more truths and myths about abs, go to


2 thoughts on “Please Grow Little Tiny Abs!

  1. baysandoval says:

    I love your blog! Your purpose is exactly the kind I’ve come to in my own life. I’ll be watching you, for sure! ❤ Keep it up!


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