I cannot be the only woman who is looking for that small waist, big booty figure. Sadly, I was born with absolutely no curves, so I’ve been on a mission to build my own. I have declared 2016 as year of the booty. I started by watching YouTube video after YouTube video to find out weird, new moves to grow every muscle in my butt. (Seriously, all my recommended videos on YouTube are people’s butts). I have also been experimenting with weight machines at the gym and finding new ways to use them to reach my #bootygoals.

When I was at the last Chicago BBG Meetup, I was talking to some girls about the Smith Machine and many didn’t even know what it was. Not too long ago, I didn’t either, but then I was introduced to the amazing world of lifting weights. The Smith Machine is an easy, newbie-friendly way to start lifting weights. I love it because it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on your shoulders which is my biggest problem when squatting or using a barbell for walking lunges.

I have compiled for you 5 different exercises that can all be done on the Smith Machine. I start with your basic squat. On each side of the bar, I put as much weight as I can handle for 5 reps. For me, this is a total of 70 pounds. The Smith Machine Bar is on a latch system, so you position yourself under the bar and tilt it forward. When you’re done, you tilt the bar back and it will latch. It’s pretty convenient. The next move is a weighted hip thrust. For this one, I grab risers (5 on each side for me), and lower the bar to the bottom. I also put the pad on the bar so it doesn’t bruised my legs. I then shimmy under the bar and basically thrust the air. I use the same weight that I squatted with for this exercise. The third exercise is bulgarian split squats. For this I also use risers (4 on each side this time). It’s basically pulsing backward lunges. For this I only lift 40 pounds. Next, I do pulsing squats. It’s almost the same as a normal squat, except you pulse once at the bottom. The final exercise, and the one I get the most looks for, is the weighted donkey kick. For this, I only lift the bar (it’s hard enough!) Unlatch the bar and then just do donkey kicks on each leg. Make sure you stretch after, or you’ll probably have trouble walking the next day. I hope this post and video encourages you to try lifting!

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