Toned Arms

So many women that I have talked to want toned arms; not bulky, manly arms but feminine, athletic arms. Coming from a girl who had noodle arms up until a year ago (seriously I couldn’t even open a jug of juice by myself), I have grown my arms into what I believe are toned and athletic. Here are my 5 go to moves. I’m not a personal trainer, so I can’t give you the science or logistics behind each exercise, but I tried to make a video to best show you how they’re done. I do each move until failure (when you seriously can’t do it one more time) and then move onto the next exercise. I repeat that for a total of 3 times. I know we are all busy, and this workout is quick and easy; it only takes me about 10-15 minutes. I’m just a normal woman, who works a full time job, trying to get in better shape, and sharing it all with you.

P.S. The video is sped up because it is super awkward to watch myself do these moves slow haha Make sure your movements are slow and controlled. Feel the burn!

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