The Girlspo+ Guide

When creating my blog, I knew that health was going to be one of the main topics that I was going to write about. Like many others, I viewed health as eating well, exercising, and taking my vitamins. Sadly, I was leaving out a huge and important sector of healthy living. I was lucky enough to stumble upon Girlspo+, who enlightened me to a different type of health: mental wellbeing.

I had heard of mental wellbeing before. In fact, I had participated in the Out of the Darkness Walk, a fundraiser for The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. Though I was aware of mental wellbeing, I never thought that it was something that I needed help with. I thought being mentally unwell meant that you were depressed. I couldn’t have been more wrong. There are a lot of ways that your mental wellbeing can be suffering. I didn’t even know that mine was until Girlspo+ helped me out!

On January 11th, I began the 30 day Girlspo+ Guide. The Girlspo+ Guide claimed that it would help me have a clear action plan on what it is that I want to achieve for my mental wellbeing and how to get there. I figured that that i had nothing to lose, so I gave it a try.

I am so glad that I did! Girlspo+ helped me realize that my lack of direction in life, stress, and feeling of being powerless were things that I could change. Not only did they help me recognize the areas of mental wellbeing that I needed to work on, they provided me with the tools to do so. The Girlspo+ Guide is full of relatable stories, helpful tips, daily challenges, and thought provoking activities.

The material is presented as daily topics, so you learn about a new mental wellbeing skill every day. It only takes me about 15 minutes each day to complete my Girlspo+ Guide, so it isn’t a huge time commitment. Plus, the payoff is definitely worth it. I am only 21 days in, and I already feel like I have improved my life in so many ways.

When I started the Girlspo+ Guide, I had hoped to find a sense of direction in my life. I don’t know if I was having a quarter life crisis or what, but at 25 I suddenly felt like I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I felt that staying in the same place and doing the same job every day for the rest of my entire life wasn’t really living. Girlspo+ helped me realize that I am passionate about inspiring others, fitness, travel, and health. Starting a blog seemed like a great way to reach a broad audience about all of the things that I love.

So that brings us to the present. Here I am, writing my very own blog post and making my dreams come true. Thank you Girlspo+!

If you would like to purchase the Girlspo+ Guide (and you should), you can access it on the Girlspo+ Website.



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